Let's get down to business and actually make your website work FOR YOU - and not just rely on posting on Instagram to bring in income for your business. 

The SEO vault

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You've Come this Far. It's time to take things to 

the Next Level.

We all know - putting all of your eggs in one basket is NOT the way to run a business. You most likely are spending so much time on your Instagram grid, while it could be hacked or deleted tomorrow. Social media is just NOT a reliable way to market your business. Let's be hones - you don't own your social media platform. You NEED a more concrete and reliable way to bring in clients for your business - and SEO AND BLOGGING IS IT.

It's time to not put all your eggs in the instagram basket...

The SEO Vault : for the photographers and wedding creatives who want to learn how to get found on Google through your website and blogs! Let's see what's inside!!

A Peek at What's Inside

The Blog EBOOK. This is a written guide that you can follow at anytime to create the perfect blog post to get traffic to your website through google!

The Blog TUTORIAL. I walk you through writing an entire blog through this video course and showing you how I write a blog post in ONE HOUR.

the blogging blueprint

The SEO EBOOK. This guide is to be used in conjunction with the tutorial! It goes through google my business, analytics, all the goodies!!

The SEO TUTORIAL. This is a video tutorial walking you through how I do the foundational website SEO on a clients website to set it up on google!

the google ranking roadmap

This is a bonus VIDEO TUTORIAL. I walk you through how to create google posts to boost your visibility even more!!

I also walk you through how to analyze competitors in your field, find hidden keywords, and track your website rankings!

This is a bonus VIDEO TUTORIAL. I walk you through how to come up with blog topics if you're feeling stuck.


No More Feeling Lost. I'll Guide You Through Exactly How To Do It.

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If you're confused how to get your website up and going to get Google Inquiries - let me be the one to show you! I have helped SO many of my clients revamp their SEO and get started with blogging and they've seen results within weeks of the refresh. 

Now- I'm not saying SEO is instant. However, it IS sustainable and statistically based marketing strategy. You WILL see results if you are consistent and patient!

  • Build businesses that make them happy
  • Build an SEO and Blog strategy that works
  • Reach more people with less effort
  • Create a plan to stay consistent and reach actual goals inside their business

MEET Laura

Web Designer, Photographer, and Blogging Expert 

I've been able to help my clients

Listen - I have literally (quite truly) been right in your shoes. You're jumping on all of the trends, posting on Instagram every day, but you're feeling burnt out. You want socials to be fun again without all the pressure.

When I learned about SEO and blogging - it took marketing to a whole new level. I was able to create blog posts in less than an hour that actually WORKED to get traffic to my website - and not just for me. For my clients, TOO. 


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Your DREAM clients are searching for you everyday (it's proven). Here's your chance to finally understand how to get in front of them!

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