Coaching Calls

Laura Clark

I am so honored that you're interested in working together to build and grow your web design business! I offer two options below! See which would fit you best and let's grow together!

I started in this industry as a virtual assistant and Pinterest manager. I was working SO many hours to not be making that much money- and I really couldn't take on anymore clients. 

Pinterest Management didn't have much growth potential for me - unless I wanted to create a team, and I tried it. I was spending so much time looking over their work, going back and forth no changes, it wasn't worth it for me. 

SO- enter web design. I have created a 6 figure design business averaging 10-20k months and truly found a schedule that gives me freedom. I take on two website in a day clients weekly and am able to streamline my processes to not have to be going back and forth with them all the time. I do not mention money to brag, I have slow months just like any other business. However- I think it's important to talk about money to really show you what actually is possible here.

Here's a bit of my story.

why learn from me?

I am an open book- seriously. I have spent probably close to 30k+ investing in my business to get to where I am. I find that when you truly spend money to learn from people who are where you'd like to be, that's when your actual growth happens. 

You can bypass trying to figure it out on your own and really bet on yourself. When you invest in your business- you're putting it out into the world that you can and WILL make this happen.

A Note on Investing in your Business.

"She didn't hold anything back"

I did a coaching call session with Laura and WOW! First off, she is so sweet! She makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever. But the insight and advice she gave me? Seriously incredible. She didn’t hold anything back and was very transparent! She has such a unique perspective on how she balances motherhood with entrepreneurial life and it was so helpful since I’m in that same stage of life. Love her!! She even sent me an email afterwards covering ALLL the info we talked about on the call. Soo helpful! If you need help in your design biz and some great direction, definitely book coaching with her!

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  • A pre-call questionnaire
  • 90 minute zoom coaching call
  • Access to any knowledge I have
  • Off boarding Call with action steps

the deets

The Process for your Coaching Call

what is included:

I am an open book- this is your time to ask me anything you'd like to know. Each call will be one hour long through zoom. I can tell you every single resource I have used, how to price something, marketing, all the things!!

Ask me what you wish for one whole hour!


1 coaching call

Ask me anything you'd like to know about how I personally grew a 6 figure design business. I can help you with pricing, marketing, conversations, etc.

The Investment


4 calls bi-weekly

Bundle together 4 coaching calls to really hit all of the bases and check in on growth and tips to implement along the way.


book here

book here